6 Productive Skills to Develop In Quarantine

Self-Quarantine means staying at home, no socializing with our friends, office co-workers, or relatives. Due to COVID-19 most of the countries have asked their citizens to stay in home quarantine and asked them to stay safe at home. Indian Govt. has given a little bit of relaxation in the lockdown but still, it is better to stay indoors.

A lot of MNC, offices have asked most of their employees to work from home. The quarantine period might have become quite boring for most of us, after all, we are social beings! Yeah, we can get away with this boredom by watching our favorite web series on Netflix, some action-packed or horror movies, etc. Apart from entertainment, there are a lot of productive things that you can try during the home quarantine. So today we will tell you what all skills you can develop while you are in Quarantine.

1. Develop A Reading Habit

 Develop A Reading habit

This home quarantine is the best time to work on your reading habit. We all have a lot of time. We should develop a habit of reading books of our interest, be it novels, biographies, and productivity books. If you are an entrepreneur then you can read books like Zero to One, Think and grow rich by Napolean Hill, The $100 startup, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, etc.

Reading a book will help you to increase your knowledge. The most successful people prefer reading over other hobbies. Bill Gates, the richest person in the world reads 1 book per week. So why do you stay behind! If you cannot order hard copies then ebooks are the best options.

2. Develop an Exercise Routine

It is rightly said that Health is wealth! This pandemic has undoubtedly explained to us the importance of our health. This is the best time to add exercise and yoga to your daily routine for a healthy body and mind. You can do some basic stretching, exercise, jumping, etc.

3. Digital Detox

 Digital Detox

We all have become so much glued to social media that our own life and creativity are lagging behind. Social media apps like Instagram and Facebook can be quite addictive. This is the best time to set a digital Detox day every month. On the digital detox day, you can do something creative, cook something delicious for your family, make a painting write poetry, play with your pets, etc.  

4. Learn Dancing

Dancing is a healthy activity as it keeps your mind and body healthy. It helps you to keep your body flexible. It keeps the stress away from you. If dancing was one of your passion and this busy schedule made you forget your dancing hobby then it is the right time to work upon it. There are a lot of YouTube channels that are teaching dancing for free. You can subscribe to such channels and learn the dance moves and impress your friends and family members with your dance.

5. Start Your Own Blog

A blog is a perfect way to express your opinion or thought process about a particular subject. In the current time period, you can create your own blog and share your knowledge and thoughts on it. Create a poetry blog if you love to write poems, create a food blog if you love cooking. You can add recipes of delicious mouth-watering snacks and share them with your readers. Running your own blog gives you an unmatched sense of pride and happiness.

6. Learn Coding

Coding is also an interesting activity for cybergeeks. You can learn to code and improve your codes, day by day. We all have sufficient time, yeah? Start coding from the basics. If you cannot buy a paid course then need not worry as there are many websites that teach coding for free. You can check out websites like W3schools.com to start coding. Just select the language you want to master C++, Java, HTML, PHP, etc.

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