Confused After B.Com? Here are the Best 12 Courses after B.Com other than MBA

Are you confused about what to do next after B.Com other than an MBA?
We all are aware of the fact that just completing simple graduation after the 12th won’t help you land up a high-profile job.
To meet the demand of the hour, and increase skill sets students opt for various courses.
Some pursue masters whereas some go with the professional courses to start their career journey
B.Com or Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 years course that consists of three semesters.
During the whole course, students are taught varied subjects revolving around business and management.
Some of the important subjects include economics, accounting, finance, tax, and banking.
The majority of the students choose to do an MBA after B.Com owing to the same subjects involved. That is the reason most of the students suffer from the lack of job opportunities due to the high competition in the market and many compromises with the precarious jobs.
However, with proper decision making, and self-analysis you can choose a better career and make a better future.

Here, In this article, we’ll dwell on the best career options after B.Com other than MBA.

Let’s take a deep dive into the article to gear up your career in the right direction.

1) Chartered Accountancy (CA):

One of the reasons students pursue a commerce course is that they dream to become a CA. A CA or Chartered Accountant is considered to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to auditing, accounting, taxation, and financial consultation. After B.Com you can choose CA as your career option. You have to go through various stages and pass various examinations along with internships to become a certified chartered accountant.

2) Company Secretary (CS):

One of the best courses after CA is CS i.e. Company Secretary. As the name itself signifies, a company secretary is a person who takes care of all the legal issues such as maintaining tax records, managing and advising the senior authorities and board of directors, etc. If you keep a deep interest in business laws, economics, accounting, and other commerce-related subjects you can opt to become a CS.

3) Bachelor of Education (B.Ed):

If you don’t keep interest in the business and commerce stream and want to take up your career in the teaching field then B.Ed can help you with that. You can enroll yourself in the B. Ed course if you want to teach in secondary and higher secondary classes. Teaching is no doubt the noblest career option for anyone, and especially one of the best jobs for women in India.

4) Digital Marketing:

If you are a learner who keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technology. If you are a geek and also a creative person. Digital marketing is the best option for you. With the exponential increase in the adoption of online marketing, companies are on the lookout for skilled digital marketers who can give their business growth as well as increase their online visibility. Considering the current scenario, it seems that the future scope of digital marketing is very bright and this is the perfect time for you to enter into this field. In digital marketing, you get to choose an option while entering as a fresher. You can go into SEO(Search engine optimization), SEM(Search engine marketing), SMM(Social media marketing), PPC(Pay per click), content writing, email marketing, etc.

5) Master of Commerce (M.Com):

If you want to continue your studies and looking for master course, you can consider pursuing M.Com. It is a 2 years course that provides a master’s degree in commerce. Aspirants interested in making a career in banking, accounting, insurance, finance, etc. can go for M.Com.

6) Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT):

BAT stands for Business Accounting and Taxation. Pursuing this course helps students gain basic knowledge of economics such as taxation, accounting, sales, etc. There are various institutes that provide certification in BAT courses. Usually, this course takes 3 to 6 months duration to complete. You are supposed to have a bachelor’s degree in commerce to get enrolled in this course.

7) Certificate in Investment Banking (CIB):

Are you an aspiring investment banker? Want to learn how to become a successful one? Certificate in investment banking course will teach you everything from the basics of finance and economics to the intricacies of managing your team. Have you always wanted to work in investment banking but don’t know where to start? Look no further than this certificate course.

8) Certified Financial Planner:

A Certified Financial Planner provides retirement planning, estate planning, investment advice, and much more to their clients. They help with complex financial decisions that will one day yield a large sum of money when invested properly. A Certified Financial Planner is an important resource for anyone who wants to get out ahead and plan responsibly so they can enjoy the fruits of their labor in the future.

9) Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA):

Do you want to start your own successful business, but don’t know where? Have you exhausted all of your other options and now the only way out is up? Do you feel like there’s one thing holding back your career or crushing any motivation for even trying at all? Well, fear not! ACCA has an addiction recovery program that could work wonders for those who are sick and tired of dreaming. It’s been scientifically proven that taking the course will make people three times as productive.

10) Financial Risk Manager (FRM):
11) Certified Management Accountant (CMA):
12) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):


When it comes to choosing the best career options after B.Com, a lot of factors come into play such as your interest, passion, skills, knowledge, creativity, acumen, grade, and many more. So it is important to understand your area of interest before opting for any of the above-mentioned options. Hope this blog has helped you with providing the information you were looking for in order to kickstart your career journey. In case you have questions or doubts in mind on the same, jot down in the comment section to let us know. We shall answer in no time to help you embark on your career journey. Thanks for reading!

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