Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android in 2021

In current times the content is the key to make any business successful. Be it in form of social media creatives, infographics, blogs, or knowledgebases, content is in high demand, and is being consumed at an exponential pace. But amongst all, content in video format is proven to be more engaging, influencing, and converting. As more and more people coming online, the demand for great video content is very high. No matter you are a full-fledged brand, a start-up, a social media influencer, or a YouTuber, you need a perfectly edited video to show your content in front of people. With the help of handy apps, you can get it done easily and conveniently.

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Thus, to prepare incredible videos, the demand for the best free video editing apps for android phones and pcs has increased drastically. With the increase in the usage of mobile phones and their easy-to-use applications encourage users to search and download video editing apps on their mobile phones only. The other reasons include being handy, having simple yet powerful features, and being freely available.

Let’s scroll through the article to know the list of the best free video editing apps for android in 2021.

We have done our best to help you find the best video editor apps to give your video a professional look and enhance your video quality by making it more vibrant and lively. Let’s get started!

1. FilmoraGo:

FilmoraGo is the most reliable, convenient, and easy to use video editing app designed with incredible features. You can easily create a highly appealing video with magical effects, beautiful texts, great audio effects, cool themes, aesthetic filters, and backgrounds, etc. One of the best features that makes it to the top in the list is that it is completely free to use. Through FilmoraGo you can simply create a video by using your previously shot video clips from your device’s storage, or, your existing videos directly from your social media accounts such as Facebook, or Instagram.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush:

Adobe Premiere Rush is another one of the widely used powerful video editing apps that allows you to create an impactful video. For its easy-to-use features, it is highly recommended for beginners having no prior experience in video creation and edition. It is an all-in-one video editor app with great sound effects and other highly friendly features. Its starter plan is free to use and helps you make quick and effective videos on your android phone as well.

3. KineMaster:

Kinemaster is also considered as the best video maker tool which is equipped with fully powerful features and tools. Though it is not as easy to use as other previously mentioned video editing apps but once you get command over it, you would love using it. Its remarkable interface allows you to create professional videos on android devices as well apart from desktop or tablets. However, the pain point with this application is that your downloaded videos will be watermarked which you need to be further removed with the help of another watermark removal application.


With 1M reviews available, 100M+ download, and rated with 4.7 stars on the play store Quik is one of the finest video editing apps for android. As the name itself suggests, it is quickest to make videos through it.

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