Best Jobs for Women in India

Women have been remarkably doing great in all walks of life. Undoubtedly, they have won their spurs in almost all professional fields. They are going toe to toe with men when it comes to proving themselves in their careers.

With the change in time and technology, they are also doing good in the domains they have never been into. In this century, there is no field in which women can not enter. Although, there are some industries which are male-dominated but they are making their names in that field too.

After completing their studies, women often get confused about their career choice. Considering many things in mind they fail to gather the courage to go to the domain in which they can perform better than their peers.

Some fail to choose the best for themselves owing to the lack of guidance and knowledge.

Some fail as their family does not allow.

It has been seen that those who once enter into their preferred professional fields, continue to grow and help their organizations to touch the sky with glory.

However, with the way, things stand they are facing hurdles to get the position they deserve in the enterprise. But, with the dedication and the skills, they are leaving marks in whatever field they step into.

If you are looking for the best jobs for ladies in India or the best career options for the females in India, this article is the perfect fit for you. In this article, we will be covering the list of the recommended jobs for women in India. Depending upon the interest and skillsets required, you can choose your profession wisely, and make a killing.

1. Banking Job-

Are you a woman who loves playing with numbers? Has mathematics been your favorite subject since childhood? If this is so, a banking job is good to go with. Banking jobs in India are considered as one of the most respected jobs in which you earn well with the golden chances of growth and success opportunities.

2. Teaching-

Teachers play a great role in shaping up society. They are the nation builders and contribute a lot in molding a child’s future. Teaching has always been one of the preferred professions by women in India. If you are a girl or a woman who loves sharing her knowledge with others and also enjoys teaching, prefer becoming a teacher. It is contemplated as the best job in India with a high salary.

3. Doctor / Medical Field-

Women have been known for their caring, protecting, and supporting nature. It has seen that women have been doing outstanding in the medical field. If you have always dreamed of becoming a doctor, you can give it a second thought.

4. Human Resource-

If you are good at handling people and communicating with them is your forte. If you are a people person, and also have a mission and vision to think something new and adaptable. Creativity is in your blood and helping people is in your nature. Human resource’s job goes perfectly well if you have all these qualities ingrained in you.

5. Writer-

Do you love to pen down your thoughts on paper? Do you find it easy to express your ideas and knowledge in the most skillful and artistic way through your words? If you love writing, this is the perfect time to get into this profession. Being a writer is no doubt the best job for women in India. You can do your job at the comfort of your home also. You can start freelancing, or even your content writing agency. You can also work as a proof-reader, copywriter, or ghost-writer.  

6. Blogger-

If you want to start something on your own and be your own boss, be a blogger. Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge on the topic you are interested in. Also, it is one of the easiest ways to earn money if you are passionate about certain things and manifest your views on those topics. To start a blog, you only required a domain, which is the name of your blog, and a hosting service. This will cost you some bucks but all would be worth once you start generating income. Some of the niches to start your blogging career are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Health/Fitness
  • Food/Recipes
  • Travel

7. Social Media Influencer-

As the name itself states a social media influencer is a person who influences others on social media platforms such as FB, YouTube, Instagram, etc. about product’s brands and services. They are the person who share their experiences with their fans and followers on the product they have used or the services they have taken. If you manage to gather a good number of genuine followers on your social media accounts you can start representing yourself as a social media influencer by collaborating with brands. In the coming years, this would be considered as the best career option for females in India.

8. Digital Marketing-

Companies have changed their way of traditional marketing and entered into the new era of marketing i.e. digital marketing. Keeping the eyes on the platforms their customers spend most of the time on, enterprises are spending large chunks of money on these platforms to advertise their products and services. They look for a digital marketing specialist to give their business a new height. This is the right time for a woman to enter into this field and touch the sky.

9. Software Developer-

One of the best jobs for females that offer high salaries with other perks is being a software developer. To become a software developer, you need to have an interest in technology and coding. You need to learn coding languages such as Java, C++, or Python to enter into this field.

10. Market Research Analyst-

If your reasoning and analytical skills are strong, and you are good at quants, you can be a market research analyst. The company looks for people who can research the current market and devise strategies to compete with competitors. Market research analyst gets a good salary package with the best perks and other benefits.

I have compiled the list of the best jobs for females in India. Depending upon your interest, passion, and skills you are required to choose your career prudently.

Sumbul Samani

Sumbul Samani is an ardent reader and a noob photographer. She keeps hands-on experience in writing extensively researched articles on health, wellness, lifestyle, technology, food, and other such topics. In her leisure time, Sumbul loves to cook and enjoys watching movies.

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