Best Money-Making Apps in India

Won’t you be surprised to know that spending time on the smartphone can help you fill your pocket? Surely you would be! Yes, thanks to the advancement in technology. There are some smartphone apps that let you earn money just by using and referring them to others. After reading about these money-making apps in India, you might stop mindlessly scrolling your social media accounts, and start using them.

Here is the list of the Best Money-Making Apps in India that will help you earn extra income:

  1. Dream11:

Dream11 is a legitimate money-making fantasy sports app that got more popularity during current times. Based on your interest and skillsets you can choose to play games such as cricket, football, hockey, basketball, or kabaddi. On the Dream11 app, you can create your virtual team of real players and execute your planning and strategies to make money online. You also earn by referring this game to your friend.

2. Meesho:

Whether you are looking for a full time earning opportunity or extra sources to earn money online, Meesho is the most preferred money earning app in India. It is a reseller app that helps you start your own business without any prior investment. All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Through this app, you can sell different categories of products to your contacts and social networks. Your earning through this app will depend on the order placed and margin amount. If you are a student, a housewife, or even a full-time worker Meesho can really help you earn well if you manage to build trust amongst your customers.

3. Loco:

Loco is one of the most popular apps amongst youngsters that pays you on the number of questions or quizzes you correctly answer. One of the best things about this app is that it also allows you to play games in your preferred vernacular languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Bengali. One of the drawbacks associated with this game is that it is time and attempts restricted.

4. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google opinion rewards is an android based Google powered survey filling app. It is one of the applications that let you earn rewards by allowing you to fill up the surveys. It pays you credit rewards which can be redeemed on the Google play store to buy paid applications.

You will be allowed to fill up around one survey weekly. This survey will be usually based on your interest, trending searches, and the information you fill on the application.

5. Slidejoy:

You would be surprised to know that you can earn money just by unlocking your smartphone. Yes, I am not kidding. Slidejoy lets you earn money by displaying promoted content on your phone’s lock screen. It is a completely free android based application in which you need to signup for allowing ads on your lock screen. After signing up you would be asked to choose the preferred lock screen theme. You earn points in carats. 1000 carats amount to 1$. On an estimation, on average you can earn 10$ per month.

6. RozDhan:

Rozdhan is one of the fastest money making apps to make quick money online. Rozdhan is the Hindi name which means daily money. It is an android based apps with a large number of active installations. Through this app, you earn money by sharing its content and referring this app to others. It is one of the best apps to earn extra income from the internet for the students and the housemakers.

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