6 Clothing Business Ideas for Housewives (From no budget to low budget)

Are you a housewife having enough time at home to start something new? Do you also think to get involve in side hustle and make your free time productive and profitable? These 6 clothing business ideas for housewives that cost from no budget to low budget will help you add money to your pocket.

Even during this pandemic, what didn’t stop is purchasing and selling of clothes. Unlike many other businesses, the clothing business is the one which hardly got affected by the crisis. Whatever may the situation, clothing business always flourishes and grows because people never stop buying clothes.

If you are also thinking to start your own clothing business sitting at home but running out of ideas. Read on this blog post to get started.

6 Clothing Business Ideas for Housewives

  • Tailoring Business-

If you think that you are an expert in cutting and sewing then don’t let your sewing skills go in vain. With the increase in the fashion trend, the requirement of skilled tailor has grown up strikingly. The best part of the tailoring business is that it requires no investment but can generate good revenue. You can collaborate with readymade garment sellers for getting work projects. In this way, you would be able to get orders in the bulk which in return generates more income.

  • Embroidery Store-

The embroidery on clothes never goes out of style. From handmade embroidery to machine embroidery, people have been liking them for decades. If you are equipped with embroidery skills, opening an embroidery store would be the best clothing business idea for housewives.

  • Clothing Rental Store-

Clothing rental store is the last resort for the people frequently attending events and parties. These stores provide unlimited options to wear based on the types of the parties. Even brides these days preferring to rent their wedding dress as it costs less as well as they can wear the type of dress they dream of. So, if you want to do something unique you can opt for opening a clothing rental store with one-time investment.

  • Create Instagram Business Account-

Instagram is no longer for fun, entertainment and messaging. With the new features are getting added day by day, it has become a great source of marketing and business. Big brands are taking full leverage to market their products on Instagram through Instagram Influencers. If you have a good number of followers on IG and have a little sense of fashion and style, this is the right time to start as an Instagram influencer. You can also create your own Instagram business account to market your online clothing store.

  • Create WhatsApp Group-

WhatsApp is a most popular messaging platform which is almost used by every user these days. Now it is also being used for promoting products and branding. You can create WhatsApp group and add people who may show interest in your products. After that you have to keep posting about your products with proper description and images. You can collaborate with clothes sellers or brands to sell their products in the group.

  • Open a boutique-

If you have been dreaming of opening your own clothing boutique then I must say this is the perfect clothing business idea to start with. However, it requires proper skill sets, investment and research to start with a scratch.


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