Top 5 Corporate Travel Agencies In UAE For Excellent Service

In today’s business environment, companies spend a lot of money on corporate travel, primarily to discover new prospects. But sustaining a sizable return on investment (ROI) for each activity is essential for a business. Business travel is no different, and poor planning and selecting the incorrect travel vendors can cost a substantial sum of money. Organisations frequently look to travel companies for solutions because corporate travel entails addressing a variety of legal and financial concerns. Corporate travel agencies in UAE provide great answers to a range of scheduling and administrative problems.

Advantages of working with corporate travel agencies in UAE

1.Savings via negotiated prices and existing connections
2.Delegated trip planning saves time and frees up experts to concentrate on their primary duties.
3.Support for business travellers around-the-clock in case of emergency or during unplanned changes
4.Personalised travel guidelines in line with business goals and financial limitations
5.Streamlined spending control with the use of cutting-edge technologies and systems
6.Technology access that includes mobile apps, web platforms, and real-time updates
7.Global reach and local knowledge for cross-border business
8.Techniques for risk management to guarantee adherence to safety laws
9.Improved traveller experience with connections to the sector for special benefits

Best corporate travel agencies in Dubai

1. Kanoo Travel

Kanoo Travel, which began in 1930, has expanded into a global business travel organisation. It is extensively available in Middle Eastern and European countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Lebanon, France, and the United Kingdom. Kanoo Travel offers their customers cost-effective options through a large network of travel suppliers and technologically smart solutions.
The knowledgeable staff at Kanoo Travel helps with the planning, organising, and reporting of travel expenses while offering businesses worldwide efficient management solutions.

2. Orient Travel and Tourism

Another established travel company in the Middle East striving for effective corporate and leisure travel management is Orient Travel and Tourism Agency. With over 350 travel experts on staff, they offer the greatest prices and trip management. The agency is divided into five divisions: Orient Tours, Retail, Holidays, Corporate Division, and OTTA Cargo. Additionally, it provides travel insurance to make business travels safer and more secure and to boost employee confidence in the company.

3. Sharaf Travels

Sharaf Travel has been a major participant in the Middle East since its founding in 1991 and has helped several international organisations. They provide customised alliances with companies worldwide that offer adaptable travel plans. In order to provide sustainable travel, Sharaf Travel Services LLC offers a range of environmentally friendly travel options to its customers. With the agency’s OneHub platform, companies may give their travel programmes a technical advantage. Sharaf Travel offers a range of services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), government organisations, and multinational corporations (MNCs). These services include airline packages, hotel reservations, travel assistance, and more.

4. Travel Agency Al Tayer L.L.C.

Established in 1979, Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C. is a prominent member of the esteemed Al Tayer Group. In the travel service sector, it has come to stand for reliability and excellence. The firm has decades of experience and is a trusted partner for a wide spectrum of clients, specialising in both corporate and personal travel. Situated in Dubai, a prominent worldwide commercial hub, Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C. excels in crafting one-of-a-kind travel experiences. It is committed to both innovation and customer satisfaction while upholding the Al Tayer brand’s reputation. It ensures that every journey exhibits the highest levels of dependability and customer care.

5. Kurban Journey

Since 1952, Kurban Travel has been a top corporate travel agency in UAE, offering outstanding travel options to both personal and business clientele. With almost 70 years of expertise, the company has developed into a trustworthy partner, providing business and leisure travel as well as basic travel services for conferences, exhibits, meetings, and incentives. The foundation of Kurban Travel’s history is its capacity for innovation and adaptation, which guarantees that customers obtain a wide choice of travel services. Kurban Travel is committed to providing outstanding service, whether through tailored itineraries or effective MICE solutions.


When it comes to corporate travel in the UAE, selecting the right travel agency is crucial for cost-effective and efficient solutions. The top five corporate travel agencies in the UAE , including Kanoo Travel, Orient Travel and Tourism, Sharaf Travels, Al Tayer Travel Agency L.L.C., and Kurban Journey, stand out for their excellence in service, global reach, and dedication to meeting the unique needs of businesses.

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