How to become a pilot? Requirements, Entrance, Institutes, Fees, and Salary

Do you wish to become a pilot? Does a career in the aviation industry always attract your attention? Are you also dreaming to touch the sky? Then this post is dedicated to you. In this blog article, you would learn how you can make your career as a pilot. If you also have a repository of questions about becoming a pilot after the 12th, the key requirements mandatory to become a pilot, entrance exams, top pilot institutes/schools that could help you in getting prepared, fees to pursue the pilot training course, and salary then read this post to get answered.

How to become a Pilot after the 12th?

If you want to be a pilot after 12th in India, you need to have proper knowledge and guidance about it. You have got two ways to become a pilot in India. You can either go for a pilot training course to become a commercial pilot just after completing your 12th or qualify NDA exam to get the training of an Air Force pilot.

Key requirements: Mandatory to become a Pilot

Maximum Qualification10+2
Required Subjects in 10+2Science (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)/ Commerce
Minimum Age17
Percentage in 10+250% or above

One of the most important requirements to become a pilot in India is to have completed 10+2 in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. There are many pilots training schools that accept students having their 10+2 done in commerce subject.

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There are many attributes which you need to possess to become a Pilot. Here, we have covered some.


The very important attribute which you need to possess to become a pilot in India is to have passion and ambition about it. With lots of technical knowledge, you also need to be motivated, and, disciplined.

Pressure Tolerant:

As this job includes risk and adverse circumstances, you need to develop attributes like pressure tolerance.


Maturity is another very critical factor that needs to be developed if you are aspiring to become a pilot.

Medically Fit:

To become a pilot, you need to be medically fit. You need to show various medical certifications to the concerned organization.

Following are the two ways that enable you to become a pilot.

1: Civil Aviation (Commercial Pilot)

2: Indian Air Force

As we all know that the pilot’s profession requires a high level of expertise and specialization. We need to understand things more deeply to become successful pilot in India. To become a pilot, you need to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of air navigation, functions of the advanced mechanical control system, operation of electronic controls, interpretation of meteorological data, and many more.

Let’s have a look at the best flying institutes that help you to become a pilot in India.

Indian Aviation Academy

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA)

National Flying Training Institute (NFTI)

Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC)

Bombay Flying Club

Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy

Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd. (AAA)

Government Flying Training School

Adventure Flight Education Private Limited, Bangalore

OFAA – Orient Flights Aviation Academy

Bihar Flying Institute

Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA)

Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy


Gujarat Flying Club

Mams Air Private Limited

National College of Aviation

Fortune Aviation Academy

Blue Bird Flight Academy

Dean International Flight School


Considering the facts, one can say that becoming a pilot is not a job but altogether a big responsibility. You will not only become responsible for the safety of aircraft but also for the safety of the whole crew and passengers. Thus, one must possess the quality of patience, motivation, passion, discipline, and pressure tolerance. Other factors that require are alertness, adaptability, flexibility, stamina, and high spirit. If you think you have developed all of these qualities then no doubt becoming a pilot is the best career option for you. If you are still sceptical about choosing the best career option for you, then try consulting the career consultant to get rid of all the doubts.

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