Tips on How to Sleep Faster at Night

Do you also find it difficult to sleep faster at night? Do you spend most of the time tossing and turning on the bed to fall asleep but end up scrolling your social media feeds? A sound sleep is important to run your day and perform day-to-day tasks efficiently and smoothly. It is also important for living a life with a healthy state of mind.
However, the current pandemic situation has disorganized everything including your sleep too. It has not only affected your way of living but has also disturbed your sleeping schedule. Some are awake till the wee hours worried about their job security. On the other hand, some have lost their sleep to binge-watching Netflix, amazon prime, or many other OTT platforms or playing PUBG.
Staying awake and not getting adequate and sound sleep can take a toll on your health. So, if you are also struggling to get to sleep faster and counting sheep at night. Don’t be stressed out, by incorporating some healthy schedule in life and following certain tips you would surely be able to sleep faster and better at night.

So, let’s read on the article to know the tips on how to sleep faster at night.

1) Avoid Day Time Power Nap-

These days when we are staying at home and managing most of the work from home itself, we have enough day time to have a power nap. With no surprise, the benefits of taking a small nap are many. But with the current situation going on, it is recommended to avoid sleeping in the daytime. Excessive day time sleeping has also been linked to conditions like sleep deprivation, mood swing, fatigue, uninterrupted night sleep, etc.

2) Start Reading Book Before Bed-

Reading books before going to sleep is the best advice you can follow for faster and better sleep at night. Reading books you are interested in has so many benefits associated with it.
• Firstly, it keeps you away from the negative thoughts and helps reduce your stress level.
• Secondly, reading is considered as a brain’s workout hence, increases concentration, focus, and improves cognitive functioning.
• Thirdly, it has been linked to reduced depression, mood swings, and anxiety.
• Lastly, it induces sound sleep, hence preventing you from the struggle of falling asleep faster.

3) Be Consistent

Being consistent means following the same sleeping schedule daily. Make sure you wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time daily. Stick to this schedule and you would see the positive change in your sleeping patterns. Our body has the tendency to gets into the cycle and prepares the body accordingly.

4) Take a Warm Shower-

A warm shower before bed is one of the best ways of getting to sleep quickly. It is found to be very effective in relaxing your mood and muscles. Taking a warm shower lowers down the body temperature hence making it ready for the sound sleep.

5) Stay active during Day Time-

One of the most common reasons for not getting sleep early at night is being inactive throughout the day. Our body needs to be tired in order to get faster and better sleep. A tired and little exhausted body catches up on sleep quickly without having to give more effort. Here are some tips to follow for staying active during day time.
• Take a small break while doing WFH and participate in doing some household chores.
• Yoga and 30 minutes exercise are highly recommended to stay active and healthy.
• Go for a brisk walk and get some fresh air.
• Use stairs over escalators.

6) Keep your Phone Aside-

Avoid using the phone before going to bed. It is advisable to keep your phone away before 1 hour you go to sleep. It is one of the most common hindrances that keeps you awake and interrupts your sleep. The blue light of your phone keeps your mind alert even if you are tired, or exhausted. Know more how using the phone at bedtime interrupts your sleep:
• The blue light of your cell phone disturbs the production of the sleep hormones melatonin that adversely impacts your sleep-wake cycle.
• It keeps your mind engaged in thinking and restrain you from getting sleep.
• It will leave you fatigued, exhausted, and disoriented throughout the day.

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