Office Essentials Checklist for setting up a Comfortable Home Office

The inception of COVID-19 has introduced innumerable challenges to the people. One of the biggest halts it has put on people going to the office which forced them to work from home. With the majority of people working from home, you can not deny the importance of setting up a comfortable, easily maintained, and manageable home office. Especially when you give more than 7 to 8 hours sitting at home, working on a system, a comfortable home office has become a necessity. Having a home office does not only provide you the feel of office but also helps you with increased performance and productivity. It helps you stay focused and prevents you from getting distracted.

While setting up an office at home, you need some office essentials to get a look and feel. The chances are that these office essentials are already available at your home. What you need to do is to organize and set them up to run your office work smoothly and uninterruptedly.

So, let’s take a look at some necessary office essentials you need to equip your home office.

1) A Comfortable Chair

 Comfortable Chair

A comfortable chair is must-needed if you are determined to set up an office environment at home. When you work from home, you forget about the proper posture and end up having musculoskeletal disorders such as lower back pain, or neck pain. A healthy working posture is important to keep you fit physically and mentally both. Spending money on an office chair might seem like a waste of money or additional cost but it is worth in the long run. Before buying one ensure it consists of:

  • Comfortable Headrest
  • Ergonomic Back
  • Padded Armrest
  • Soft Cushion
  • Sturdy Base
  • Durable Casters

2) Standard Sized Desk/Table

A comfortable and properly organized home office keeps you engaged in work and also helps reduce work stress. A proper desk/table is required to arrange your stuff in order and organized. You need a standard-sized desk where you can place your laptop or desktop and many other important types of equipment. It helps you find things easily as and when needed so that you don’t have to rush to every nooks and corner of your home and waste time.

3) Uninterrupted Internet Connection

An uninterrupted Internet Connection is a prerequisite of WFH. An interrupted internet connection will not only hamper your work and decrease productivity but will also kill your time. You might also end up getting frustrated and leave your work in the middle when you experience bad connectivity. So, make sure you have a decent internet connection until the WFH continues.

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4) Proper Lighting

proper lighting

While choosing the perfect working desk and comfortable chair you might ignore the importance of proper lighting in your home office.  Working in bad lighting causes various eyes related issues as well. If you often experience eye strain, migraine, or any other vision-related problems, you need to check and fix the lighting of your workstation. It would be more beneficial if you allow some natural outside light to enter into your workplace. So next time, when you charged yourself for WFH ensure the bad lighting won’t dim your energy and productivity.

5) Indoor Plants

 Indoor Plants

The next thing you can consider adding in your home workstation is a couple of indoor plants. According to various research and studies having plants in the workplace lowers the stress and enhances productivity level. By improving the air qualities and removing impurities it also protects you from getting contracted with infections and diseases. There are plenty of indoor plants you can choose from. Some of them are:

  • Peace lily
  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Money Plant
  • Syngonium

Working from home is undoubtedly not an easy feat. To prevent yourself from getting distracted and achieve productivity a small home office has become the need of the hour. Add these above-mentioned office essentials in your home office and make yourself ready to see the change for better.

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