Summer Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Hello, Summer! Yes, summer is here again with us. And, the chances are that many of you are not much excited to welcome the elevating temperature and the hot breezes. As, with the onset of this hot and shiny weather, comes the host of disturbing skin problems.

Summer is a high time when you mostly get acquainted with skin issues such as- acne breakouts, oily sticky skin, patchy rashes, sunburn, etc. It has been seen that people who have oily skin are more likely to get acne, greasy skin, and many other skin disorders.

You must be looking for ways or surfing on the internet such as how to help oily skin in the summer, tips for oily skin in summer, how to care oily skin in summer, or skincare for oily skin in summer to treat your problem.

But, as we truly believe that with every problem, comes a solution. So, in this article, we have come up with some healthiest and simplest solutions to deal with the summer’s prevalent skin issues. Yes, these tips are especially for people having oily skin in summer.

So, buckle up and let’s get started right away to know summer skincare tips for oily skin.

Here, we have compiled the list of tips and hacks you can follow to know the summer skincare routine for oily skin.

1)Keep Your Skin Clean

Don’t let your oily skin get you down. Unclean oily skin is more vulnerable to develop acne and pimple. So, special cleansing is required to keep issues at bay. You are recommended to wash your face at least twice a day with the alcohol-free cleanser or warm water. Include this habit in your daily regime and you would see the difference. So, next time when you visit the store, do not forget to grab the cleanser labelled with “oil controlling cleanser or alcohol-free cleanser”.

Note: Don’t go overboard! Avoid over washing your face as it over activates the glands that secretes more oil and make your skin greasier.

Keep Your Skin Clean

2) Use Moisturizer

Well, this might sound foolish to you and you may think that why does your oily skin need a moisturizer? Having oily skin does not mean your skin is hydrated. When your skin lacks moisture, its glands start producing more oil and, cause oily skin. To keep your skin moisturized, you can use oil-free, lightweight formulated and, non-comedogenic (doesn’t block skin pores) moisturizer after washing your face.

use moisturizer

3) Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

As much as possible avoid visiting outdoor when the sun is at its peak. The best you can do in the summer skincare routine. Direct sun exposure can harm your skin in the long run. Oily skin or acne-prone skin is more likely to develop blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and many other skin problems. Premature aging is also not an exception. You are advised to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher before leaving home to protect against harmful UV rays.

4) Don’t miss out on blotting paper

Touching the face with hands is extremely bad for the skin as it can lead to bacterial infection and prompt the pimple to grow. So, try to keep your hands off from the face to prevent acne at great extent. You can rather use oil-absorbing blotting sheets to soak up your greasy facial oil. These sheets are highly efficient in giving you an oil-free and matte look by absorbing extra oil from the face.

blotting paper

5) Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliating your face twice in a week should be in your to-do list of summer skincare tips. You can use any home-made scrub or buy one from the drug store. It helps in shedding off the dead skin cells and prevents your pores from clogging.

6)Skip putting on makeup

Yes, you read it right! Give your skin a break from the makeup as much as possible. Let your skin breathe and rest. Skip putting on makeup at least 3 to 4 days a week. When you layer up your oily skin with the numbers of beauty products and chemicals, it tends to get oilier. It makes your face greasier, clogs pores, and causes pimples.

7)Drink enough water

Water plays an important role in maintaining your overall skin health. A dehydrated body leads to various skin problems. Drinking enough water removes toxins from the body that cause inflammation and acne breakouts. Adding coconut water or lemon water in your diet also leads to wondrous skin results.

8)Eat healthy

Eat healthy! Whatever you eat direct reflects on your health including your skin. In summer, you should be more conscious about your diet especially if you have oily skin. Adding more veggies and fruits in your diet should be your priority. Cut down your sugar consumption and say a big NO to oily, extra spicy, and fried foods.

9)Sweat a bit

Sweat a bit! It takes only a few minutes to do regular exercise. When you exercise, your body flushes out impurities and toxins in the form of sweat. It improves blood circulation and, nourishes your skin cells.

10)Use castor oil

Apart from offering general health benefits, castor oil has a lot to do with your skin too. Its anti-bacterial property fights with acne, treats dry lips, moisturizes your skin, and heals sunburn.

Final thought

So, these were the simple yet effective ways to get oil-free skin in summer. Try incorporating these tips into your day to day life and experience the difference. In case, you have a serious skin issue or a problem that persists so long, consult a dermatologist for the treatment.

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