Coronavirus and Job Loss: Things You need to do to Recession-Proof Your Job

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has turned many things upside down. Its impact has drastically changed people’s lives, the world’s economy, and many things in a manner we never predicted earlier. With many businesses shut down temporarily and permanently, people losing their jobs without a prior warning has become a new normal. Due to COVID 19, the unemployment rate has elevated and may keep its pace intact.  During this unprecedented and tough time, all we need to do is find ways to recession-proof our job.

Let’s browse through a few things to do to a recession-proof job

1)Stay Productive

No matter what you are up to during this crisis, you should never consider compromising with your work productivity. Staying productive or being profitable for your workplace is the one and most important thing that can safe your job. Your productivity defines your sincerity towards your job and can prove your mettle in bringing favorable results.

2)Stay Disciplined

Being disciplined when things are shattered and adapting to a new normal should be at the top of the list. With the change in the way of working, you might struggle up with handling day to day tasks. But by staying disciplined and being stick to your routine, and not compromising with your working hours, you can get things done as efficiently as you used to do.

3)Keep in touch

stay in touch

The ongoing situation has changed the way you used to do to communicate with your subordinates and seniors. With the new trend of working from home, email, calls, and video calls have become the last resort. Make sure you are in proper touch with the seniors and reporting them about your work-time to time. 

4)Prove your worth

You are busy. So is your boss. While you both are preoccupied with their work, it is important to blow your trumpet without being boastful. Be your own advocate by updating about your work accomplishment or, highlighting the progress of your current project. You can also come up with a new idea or strategy and share it with your boss. 

5)Diversify your Skills

Diversify your Skills

During this period when everyone is at home and saving themselves from the virus. We have enough time to learn new skills, and explore new things. Diversifying your skills always safeguard your career. It gives you an opportunity to handle multiple projects and also helps keep your job-protected.

6)Start New Projects

Don’t lag behind when there is a new project on the table. Grab it before others do. It will not only improve your leadership qualities but also safe your job against recession. It will also help you climb a new ladder of success and achieve career growth.

7)Keep yourself up-to-date

Keeping yourself up-to-date about the project you handle shows your attentiveness and seriousness towards your job profile. If you are working from home as many are doing currently, you should have an idea about the things going on at your workplace. Having knowledge about the things occurring at your office makes you aware of and prevents you from unexpected job loss.

Face it and Conquer

With more and more people facing unexpected and sudden layoffs, it has become imperative to learn ways to recession-proof your job. However, following the aforementioned tips and incorporating them into life can safe your career during this tough time. You can fight and conquer if you stay productive, disciplined, up-to-date, and prove your worth. Work on skill improvement and grab the opportunity to work on diverse projects. Last and most important don’t derail your confidence at any cost. This, Too, Shall Pass.

Sumbul Samani

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