Top 20 Proven Health Benefits of Watermelon

When it is extremely hot and shiny outside, people find ways to beat the heat and to be in fine fettle. With multiple options available, finding one that can help you from inside out is utterly bewildering. Resorting on the fruits and colorful veggies in the warm season is incomparably refreshing and uplifting in so many good ways. Amongst all, comes the juicy and delicious watermelon which persists both qualities – being the preferable fruit by many to being used as a vegetable for preparing pickles to curry.

The thirst-quenching watermelon is a source of bountiful of health benefits. Abundant with a long list of nutrients, a single slice of watermelon has a lot to offer. It contains calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins- all required to keep you in good shape and in a good state of health. This article will cast light on the top 20 proven health benefits of watermelon:

1) Keeps You Hydrated

Watermelon is touted as an ocean of water. It contains 92 percent water thus can keep your body hydrated better than any other fruits or vegetables. It is perhaps one of the best things to add to your plate if you find it difficult to consume 8 to 9 glasses of water per day.

2) Works as Immunity Booster

One of its health benefits extends to boosting immunity. Due to the high concentration of lycopene nutrients available in watermelon, it works great as an immunity booster. It helps in warding off various infections hence prevents oneself from contracting several illnesses.

3) Prevents getting Extra Pounds

Watermelon helps greatly in keeping you in shape and preventing you from getting extra pounds. Loaded with full of water and fewer calories, it can keep you full for a long time. After munching on watermelon, you don’t get the craving for extra food.

4) Keeps Heart Healthy

As per the researchers, nutrients found in the watermelon help keep your heart healthy and highly reduce your chances of getting medical conditions such as heart attacks and stroke.

5) Works well for Skin

Watermelon is packed with amino acids, lycopene, and other nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6 and, C. These nutrients work well in keeping skin hydrated and moisturized. Its antioxidant properties also prevent skin ageing by reducing inflammation and free radicals.

6) Induces Hair Growth

Watermelon contains Vitamin C and, citrulline (an amino acid) both are required for promoting hair growth. Snacking on watermelon has shown tremendous results in improving hair health and preventing hair fall.

7) Aids in Digestion

Consuming watermelon is great for colon health. Fiber and water present in it are helpful in digestion as both are required in the smooth flow of bowel movement.

8)Slows Down the Aging

Owing to its magical nutrients such as Vitamin C and lycopene present in watermelon, it does great with slowing down the aging. Its anti-oxidants properties fight with free radicals that contribute to aging.  

9)Helps Improve Vision

Vitamin A has been linked with improved eyesight. And for your goodness, watermelon is loaded with Vitamin A. Consuming watermelon helps to maintain eyesight and also prevent developing age-related eye diseases.

10) Good for bones

Watermelon also plays an imperative role in keeping your bone strong and healthy. It is rich in: Potassium, Lycopene, Magnesium, Iron – essential for the bones and joints to stay strong.

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