WED 2020: Celebrating Biodiversity- It’s Time for Nature

5th June marks the very prominent day WED i.e. World Environment Day. Every year since 1974, this day has been celebrated to make people aware of the importance of the environment and its biodiversity with different themes. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is “Celebrating Biodiversity- It’s Time for Nature”.

It’s Time for Nature clearly indicates that it is each citizen’s responsibility to do a favour to his motherland i.e. favour of being KIND.

world environment day 2020

There is a famous proverb “What we give out is what we get back”. This applies in almost every part of the life. And, when it comes to our Nature it surely does.

By stating aforementioned quote, I mean that action always comes in pair. Your every action or every single step for your nature has reaction and its consequences not always equally but far more than that.  

Yes! It is we HUMANS as well as our elevating requirements which are behind every change. Be it climate change, environmental changes or any bio-diversity (flora and fauna)change.

Why do we celebrate WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY?

This day reminds us to take care of our Nature and inspires us to persevere its beauty and resources. A day that enforces us to think about every tiny thing such as the food we consume, the water we sip, our surroundings in which we breathe, the trees, the flowers, the animals, the birds, the oceans, the rivers, and everything that covers our habitat. This day encourages us to come forward together and pledge to defend and conserve the depleting resources of nature.

The increase in the number of cyclones that become the reason for the displacement of millions of people and, life and property loss. The continuous occurrences of earthquakes, drought, floods, extinct and endangered species, epidemics, pandemics, and increased disease risks are all results of tampering with nature. These all are signals to us via nature that it is on the verge of depletion and we need to take strict action to protect it until its too late.

Every Action Counts

Every single action for the betterment of nature can largely and collectively impacts in defending environmental degradation. Yes, this is so true. Every action counts. Let’s know how we can contribute to saving our world. Here are certain actions that can greatly help in achieving balanced nature we dream of and saving it for upcoming generations.

1)Water is life! Don’t waste it.

2)Pledge to reduce food waste

3)Say no to plastic

4)Plant a tree

5)Use e-note book

6)Avoid using vehicles to prevent air pollution

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