7 Days Valentine Week Timetable 2024- Rose Day, Propose Day, and Valentine Day

Valentine’s Week usually starts on February 7th and ends on February 14th. The main day, Valentine’s Day, is on the last day. It’s a special time when people show their love for each other. People give flowers, cards, chocolates, and thoughtful gifts to express their feelings.

It’s a time for romance and enjoying quality moments together. Some use this day to express their feelings and make romantic gestures. While it’s traditionally linked with couples, many people also celebrate by sharing love and appreciation with friends and family. Ultimately, it’s a day to celebrate love in all its wonderful forms.

Here are some key aspects and traditions associated with Valentine’s Day:

Origin and History:

Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient Roman and Christian traditions. The day is named after St. Valentine, a Christian martyr who lived in the Roman Empire. The association with romantic love began in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished.


Hearts: The heart shape has become a universal symbol of love and affection.

Cupid: Often depicted as a mischievous, winged child with a bow and arrow, Cupid is the Roman god of love and desire.

Roses: Particularly red roses are a classic symbol of love and passion.


Gift Exchanges: Partners often exchange gifts such as flowers, chocolates, jewelery, and cards expressing their love.

Romantic Dinners: Many couples celebrate by going out for a special dinner or cooking a romantic meal at home.

Date Nights: Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for couples to spend quality time together, often in a romantic setting.

Valentine’s Week Date Sheet:

Day Date Activity
Rose Day Feb-07 Present your partner with a red rose.
Propose Day Feb-08 Express your feelings and propose to your loved one.
Chocolate Day Feb-09 Gift chocolates to your partner.
Teddy Day Feb-10 Give a teddy bear as a cute and cuddly gesture.
Promise Day Feb-11 Make sincere promises to strengthen your bond.
Hug Day Feb-12 Embrace your partner with a warm hug.
Kiss Day Feb-13 Seal your love with a passionate kiss.
Valentine’s Day Feb-14 Celebrate your love with a special date or surprise.

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Detailed Explanations of each day:

Rose Day 7 Feb:

Kick off the Valentine Week by gifting a red rose. Red roses symbolize love and passion, making it an ideal way to express your romantic feelings.

Propose Day 8 Feb:

Take a step further in your relationship by expressing your feelings and proposing to your loved one. This day is perfect for sharing your emotions and intentions.

Chocolate Day 9 Feb:

Savor the sweetness of your relationship by exchanging chocolates. Chocolate Day is an indulgent celebration of the joy and delight your partner brings into your life.

Teddy Day 10 Feb:

Gift a cuddly teddy bear to your partner as a tangible expression of comfort and love. Teddy Day adds a cute and playful touch to your week of romance.

Promise Day 11 Feb:

Reflect on your relationship and make sincere promises to strengthen your bond. These commitments can range from small gestures to significant life promises.

Hug Day 12 Feb:

Embrace the power of physical closeness with a warm hug. Hugging releases oxytocin, promoting feelings of security and love in your relationship.

Kiss Day 13 Feb:

Seal your love with a passionate kiss. A kiss is an intimate gesture that deepens the connection between you and your partner.

Valentine’s Day 14 Feb:

The grand finale of the Valentine Week calls for a special celebration. Plan a romantic date, exchange thoughtful gifts, and make this day memorable for both of you.

The celebration often extends beyond just February 14th to include the entire Valentine’s Week. Each day leading up to Valentine’s Day may have a specific theme (Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, etc.), allowing couples to celebrate love in various ways throughout the week.

Expressions of Love:

Couples often take the opportunity to express their feelings openly, whether through verbal declarations of love or through written messages in cards.

Friendship and Family:

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with romantic love, it has also become a day to celebrate friendships. People may exchange cards or gifts with friends and family members.

Commercial Impact:

Valentine’s Day is a significant occasion for the retail industry, with sales of flowers, chocolates, cards, and other gifts seeing a substantial increase.

Remember, the way people celebrate Valentine’s Day can vary widely, and some may choose to forgo traditional gifts in favour of more personal or unique expressions of love. The day is ultimately about celebrating and appreciating the relationships that bring joy and happiness into our lives.

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