Top 5 Corporate Travel Booking Sites In UAE

As organizations recognize the value of quick and cost-effective travel arrangements, corporate travel booking services have become essential tools. In this blog, we dig into the UAE’s dynamic environment of corporate travel booking platforms.

We will look at their features, benefits, and unique offers that meet the special needs of enterprises. From negotiating the most significant discounts to verifying policy compliance, these travel technologies shape the future of corporate travel booking sites in the UAE.

Why use business travel booking sites in UAE?

Corporate travel websites in the UAE negotiate competitive rates with airlines and hotels.
They tailor travel solutions to company requirements, budget limits, and employee preferences.
Travel sites, including flights, lodgings, and logistics, expedite the booking process.
They implement business travel regulations to guarantee adherence to norms and budget control.
Many sites provide 24/7 support for employees traveling across multiple time zones.
Advanced travel management system offers real-time data, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

Top Corporate Travel Booking Site in the UAE


Sharjah Airport Travel Agency, or SATA, offers a wide range of corporate travel services in the UAE and other parts of the region. The corporate travel company was established in 2001 and has grown into MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) with success. The Sharjah Airport Authority, the government-run airport in Sharjah, owns the airport and airline. It proposes a broad range of services, including travel insurance, auto rentals, hotel and flight bookings, airport transfers, and visa packages, among many others. Along with business travel management solutions, SATA offers various travel services for leisure and vacation. SATA leads the market because of its wide-ranging supply chain.

2. Bahwan.

Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC has provided business travel management services for decades. They are well-known for employing various solution strategies and creating custom solutions for their clients. Hiring Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC offers cost savings, 24/7 assistance, flexible contact choices, traveler monitoring, and more. The organization provides various services, including airline and hotel reservations, vacation and corporate tour packages, travel insurance, inbound tours, global travel help, and visa services.

3. Kanoo Travels

Kanoo Travel, a pioneer in the Middle East’s travel sector since the late 1930s, exemplifies excellence in corporate travel management. As the GCC’s first IATA member agency, it has grown to become the region’s largest travel company, with 146 IATA sites and a team of more than 1,445 travel specialists. Kanoo Travel specialises in business travel, MICE, leisure, holiday travel, airline representation, and marine travel, providing premium solutions and service excellence. With ISO accreditation in 1997, it continues to lead by providing creative solutions for international organisations seeking the best regional and worldwide corporate travel experiences.

4. Al Masaood Travels

Since its founding as Gulf Travel and Service Bureau in 1969, Al Masaood Travel and Services LLC has had success doing business in the Middle East. The company’s diligent work has paid off, as it is currently among the top four travel agencies in the nation according to market size. Its three main verticals—Al Masaood Travel Management, Al Masaood Holidays, and Al Masaood Logistics—serve the wide range of demands of its clientele. Corporate clients can take advantage of the company’s various travel packages, which streamline the entire procedure by taking care of booking flights, obtaining visas, managing travel, making transfers, and more.

5. Sharaf Travel

Sharaf Travel has been a global leader in business travel management since its inception in 1991. Though based in Dubai, UAE, the organisation has grown its reach beyond the seas by persistent effort and dedication. The agency holds several travel accreditations, including JATA, Radius Travel, and ASTA. It has also received various certifications, including IATA, OHSAS 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management, ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management, and ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management. To develop the organisation in the Middle East and India, it is safe to assume that the agency has ambitious goals for the future.


Corporate travel booking sites in the UAE assist businesses streamline their bookings and travel details. Furthermore, because the majority of the sites listed above have been in operation for decades, you will always receive exceptional service. They employ effective corporate travel management tools like Paxes to arrange and manage business travel. These platforms assist with booking automation, bespoke itinerary design, expense analysis, travel support, and other functions.

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