Best Business Ideas in India (With No or Zero Investment)

Whether you are thinking to start your own start-up or a side business, you need an idea to kick start your entrepreneurial journey. To start something from scratch is nothing but a breath-taking task. To make an idea happen and get into the business world need dedication and proper direction.

While starting a business, what most of the people struggle with is, switching from one idea to another business idea. Many end up their journey confused and exhausted before getting started. And, many in the middle due to the lack of interest or profit. Not having one profitable business idea can turn your world upside down with all time, effort, and investment wasted.

Here, in this article we have brought some best business ideas in India you can start with zero or, no investment.

1) Online Teaching

online teaching

The Internet has widened the scope of online teaching. Considering the current situation, it is one of the best business ideas in India with the least investment. You need to identify your strong subject on which you can deliver knowledge. There are many platforms you can use to teach online. You can go live on different social media platforms, or conduct webinars. You can also collaborate with other online tutors to reach the maximum number of students.

2) Ecommerce Store:

Launching an e-commerce store with a properly researched plan is a great idea to execute in 2020. In today’s time, it has become quite easy to own an e-commerce store if you are a little techie. However, if you are not then also you can manage it potentially. All you need to focus on the products you want to sell. Opening an e-commerce store may require you to invest a little amount initially.

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3) Website Designing:

With more and more businesses coming online, the demand for the website designer has increased drastically. If you are adept at website designing or development, this is the best time to open your own website designing company. WordPress is a platform that does not require coding to develop a responsive and functional website. You can learn WordPress easily and start offering your own services.

4) Digital Marketing:

digital marketing

Where did you shop last time? I am sure, many of you must be thinking about the online shopping platforms such as Club Factory, Snapdeal, Myntra, or Amazon right now. Yes, the majority of the consumer base has gone digital. And that is what increases the need of the person equipped with digital marketing skills by the business owners. If you think, you can help business grow online and take business to the next level, running an own digital marketing agency is the best business idea in India with low investment.

5) Content Writing:

Content is king and you can be queen and build your kingdom while offering your own content writing services. It is one of the most demanded and paid skills these days. If you are gifted with the words and can skilfully pen down your thoughts on the paper, you should consider starting it as a business.

6) Blogging:

Blogging is another one of the most sought-after full-time career options you can indulge in. One of the best ways to earn money online while working from home, or anywhere, anytime. All you need to find your interest, or passion, learn a little bit of SEO, and start penning down the things. Some of the best niches in blogging you can consider are:

  • Health/Wellness
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Hosting
  • News
  • Education

7) Crafting:


If you are really passionate about your artistic hobby and have good command over turning things into beautiful craft objects, you can convert your hobby into profitable business. You can earn living in many different ways. You can sell your crafts online and offline both. You can also start delivering classes to teach craft activities.  

8) Graphic Designing:

Graphics be in form of digital such as social media posts or a logo or a physical copy such as a brochure or a magazine cover page, which are always in demand. All you need to learn some graphic designing tools such as Photoshop, Corel draw, Canva, Crello, etc. You can earn a great living by offering graphic designing services.

9) Video Marketing:

Video marketing

Videos are in great demand these days. Whether you need to do branding of your products on social media platforms or need to get your article ranked on Google, videos play a great role. The demand for video creators has increased drastically. So, if you think that you are fit for this creative Fbusiness idea and can do well, you should absolutely give a try.

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